michael zwiener

IT execution advisor

value proposition startup

creating high-performing IT organizations by establishing a strong mapping between vision, goals, strategy, and execution

YOUR situation

  • during or post an angel-investment round

  • product vision is developed and verified

  • MVP has proven the idea

  • planning to scale

YOU gain a partner with 25 years of experience in

  • execution: software developer, database architect

  • planning: project-, process-, and product manager

  • strategic: CIO/CTO, founder

  • auditor of startups for investment firms

I have been working with startups of all sizes, one of them is classified as a unicorn with a valuation exceeding one billion dollar


Together WE look at the current maturity level of YOUR startup or the startup YOU are thinking of investing in

areas WE look at

  • people-to-task match, skill levels, and team structure

  • stakeholder management, transparency, and communication

  • leadership and culture

  • product management

    • scoping techniques

    • requirement strength and completeness

    • competitive and market analysis

  • project management methodology

    • prioritization and roadmap transparency

    • metrics and tracking (KPI, OKR)

    • risk analysis and strategies

  • technical maturity

    • architecture and tech-stack suitability

    • tools, frameworks, and dependencies

    • quality management and release mechanisms

  • the list goes on depending on the nature of the business

excluded are

Vision, goals, and strategy. however, I have seen many startups and I am always happy to lend a helping hand or give my humble opinion if wanted

together WE

gain insight

  • I ask questions and listen until I understand YOUR

    • business- and company vision, goals, and strategy

    • products, projects, processes, and culture

    • stakeholders and relationships

get results

  • pick some low-hanging fruits for fast value generation

  • create transparency for stakeholder alignment (KPI, OKR)

  • make sure WE work towards the set goals and make data-based decisions

  • fix the issues WE find and set up best practices

keep track (ongoing)

  • after WE have solved YOUR pain points, I will keep checking in regularly to make the changes sustainable

case study - vgw

the company

  • virtual gaming worlds is a large online gaming platform

  • now considered a unicorn worth over one billion dollar

I was brought in to set up and lead the IT organization during the early startup period. I assembled the IT team, implemented processes, infrastructure, and technology stack, and delivered the product. we withstood immense growth and made the almost impossible happen: getting from zero to a billion-dollar unicorn startup


  • large roadmap and a small team

  • ever-changing stakeholders and investors

  • pivoting business model


  • create transparency and open up communication lines

  • align all stakeholders and share common goals

  • establish decision-making based on data

  • establish an open and safe culture


  • livelong friendships

  • lots of people made rich

  • bragging rights to having been involved in creating a unicorn

  • a hugely successful business worth multiple billion dollars