michael zwiener

IT execution advisor

are YOU

losing hundreds to thousands of dollars in staff costs because of weak processes and systems creating too much overhead and waste?

Do you experience any of these symptoms

  • projects run over budget

  • roadmap delays

  • too little output from the IT teams

  • lots of meetings but few results

  • it seems like not everyone is pulling at the same rope

value proposition
established organization

"healing underperforming IT departments by fixing the symptoms and eliminating the root cause"

I am part of dxbe.net, a worldwide network of consulting specialists. I work with technology companies and help them optimise the output of their IT teams. I reduce overhead and increase the productive time. And the best is that

I only get paid, when I succeed

YOUR situation is unique, and so is my service

  • no standard questionnaires

  • no out of the box process manuals

  • no one-size fits all solutions

YOU gain a partner with 25 years of experience in

  • execution: software developer, database architect

  • planning: project-, process-, and product manager

  • strategic: CIO/CTO, founder

  • advisory: banks, investors, government

I have been working with teams from 10 to over 150 and budgets of 500k to 10M+ and come with a high-level network of experts in strategy, marketing and software development

root cause

this part is unique to YOUR business. typical root causes include cultural issues, red tape, weak processes, and unsuitable methods

in the past 10+ years, I did nothing else than get IT projects, departments, and companies back on track. from startup to corporate

there really is nothing magic to it. usually, all it takes is an outside view, common sense, good listening skills, and a lot of experience

together WE

gain insight

  • I ask questions and listen until I understand YOUR

    • business- and company vision, goals, and strategy

    • products, projects, processes, and culture

    • stakeholders and relationships

get results

  • pick some low-hanging fruits for fast value generation

  • create transparency for stakeholder alignment (KPI, OKR)

  • make sure WE work towards the set goals and make data-based decisions

  • fix the symptoms and heal the root cause

keep track (ongoing)

  • after WE have solved YOUR pain points, I will keep checking in regularly to make the changes sustainable

case study - innogy

the company

  • innogy e-mobility solutions is now part of the compleo corporation

  • at the time part of eon - pre and post M&A

  • initial IT team size of 150 FTE

I was brought in for an assessment and stayed for 18 months as interim CIO and department lead of the software development and the IT operations departments as well as part of the overall leadership team


  • cost overruns

  • roadmap issues

  • unclear scope

root cause

  • lack of alignment between departments

  • insufficient alignment with the business vision and goals

  • weak interdepartmental processes and tools


  • create transparency and open up communication lines

  • align all stakeholders and share common goals

  • establish decision-making based on data

  • strengthen an open and safe culture

  • optimize process- and project management


  • multimillion-dollar cost savings in the IT departments

  • reduction of headcount and dependence on external FTE

  • clear priorities and increased productivity

  • transparency due to clear KPIs and OKRs

  • motivation and alignment within the whole organization